What blog makes an awesome blog….

This post is for Challenge 4 in the September 2010 challenge.


Honestly I believe that an awesome blog is something that fits my interests. (Such as my favorites of walfas.org (for it’s amounts of Touhou), denkimouse.livejournal.org (warning it’s PG-13 – NSFW, so if you are a kid, be careful! Anyways I like heerosferret’s blog due to the amount of Pokemon in it.)), and some of my friend’s TinierMe blogs(aka diaries).)

As far as improving for anyone’s site, I think it’s best if you were to update it regularly and take any type of criticism seriously. (Unlike my cruddy blog. XP)

Commenting Guidelines

This post is for Challenge 4 in the September 2010 challenge.


I actually enjoy receiving comments… However I do have rules:

1. No spamming! This is not my TinierMe blog! (My real blog is [here] though. I have yet to update that.)

2. I read every single comment I get. (And I prefer moderating it, but the majority of time it’ll be approved.)

3. If you want me to do something (like add you to my blogroll) feel free to tell me in a comment. When you are doing this, please add the link to your blog.

4. I don’t want to see any hate comments (Unless they are sarcastic) here. Please keep things positive here! (I’m the pessimist here, so I should be the one whose negative!)

Edit1: I forgot one more!:

5. Please watch your grammar and writing skills. I don’t want to see ppl tya3ing liek dis.

(Seriously guys, it’s really hard to read and it’s really annoying. Thank you for your time)

If you were to visit Nevada

This post is for Challenge 3 in the September 2010 challenge.



Normally, most people who don’t go/haven’t visit Nevada would think the whole community are a bunch of Casino-addicts, mindlessly forgetting the fact that there’s a strong (family friendly) community instead.

So instead of telling people to go to the Casinos and the Adventure Dome, I’ll tell you about a park. (So exciting isn’t it?) Well most parks always bring the most of my inner child, plus the one that is nearby my house was donated. Anyways in the park (That’s nearby my house) There’s lots of grass, some adult gym (for working out) and a kiddy park. Usually if it’s windy enough you can go (surprisingly) play your kites out.

And that’s what I would recommend you to go to.

Post for Challenge #2

This post is for Challenge 2 in the September 2010 challenge.


Honestly I believe that having children post their pictures online is a safety risk for them. (and is very inappropriate.)

If you were to think about it, you never know who is online or reading your page and the next thing you know you get a stalker following you.

Plus people can criticize you for the way you look like, which can lead to cyber-bullying which is NOT allowed.

Post for Challenge #1

This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge.


Hmm why you should vist my blog? Well I’m even sure why you would even look at my blog. >_>


Anyways I guess you should look at my blog if you like anime, manga, and a bunch of famous Video Games in the US. (When I get to personal stuff, since I’m probably going to go put a bunch of school related tasks on this blog.)