This post is for Challenge 4 in the September 2010 challenge.


Guess who finished Part 4 in the Challenge!~

Anyways, just adding a side note of who I added. (For the challenge that is!/tsundere mode)

I added Cindy, Coleman, and Noah.

As for my favorite Blogs from them:

Cindy: Her “If you were to visit Pennsylvania” part of the challenge. (The places that she recommended were very interesting! X3)

Coleman: His “What makes a great blog” part of the challenge (Honestly I have to go and agree with him. It frustrates me to see people type like moronic cavemen)

Noah: The Brain teaser he posted up. (I like having challenges Kesesese~. :3 (Plus now that you think about it…. I don’t think his nose would expand. ._.))

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