Commenting Guidelines

This post is for Challenge 4 in the September 2010 challenge.


I actually enjoy receiving comments… However I do have rules:

1. No spamming! This is not my TinierMe blog! (My real blog is [here] though. I have yet to update that.)

2. I read every single comment I get. (And I prefer moderating it, but the majority of time it’ll be approved.)

3. If you want me to do something (like add you to my blogroll) feel free to tell me in a comment. When you are doing this, please add the link to your blog.

4. I don’t want to see any hate comments (Unless they are sarcastic) here. Please keep things positive here! (I’m the pessimist here, so I should be the one whose negative!)

Edit1: I forgot one more!:

5. Please watch your grammar and writing skills. I don’t want to see ppl tya3ing liek dis.

(Seriously guys, it’s really hard to read and it’s really annoying. Thank you for your time)

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